Skiing, just what Texas ordered!

With the long, hot summer showing no end, it’s natural for one to think about cooler weather. For many, that includes daydreaming about a pristine ski slope with fresh powder and a warm cup of cocoa afterwards. Sitting by a warm fireplace at the end of the day and enjoying social time with friends and family.

A dated Google topography of the area in mind.

Mount Trashta, a tounge-in-cheek reference to Mount Shasta, promises to bring the atmosphere of the ski lodge to Brownwood, Texas. Inspired by a visit to the Abilene Sanitary Landfill, Bill Champion, head of the Mount Trasha committee, decided that Brownwood needed an asthetically pleasing way to cover up garbage. Designed for first-time skiers with a maximum elevation of 37 meters, Trashta will offer thrills with less stress and slower speeds.

Other cells that have been fully utilized and covered with dirt will present some enjoyable moguls and bumps down the path. Snow will be artificially created from Lateral Watershed 4A, and the belt and engine of a disused compactor will power a skilift, with the bulk of the gondola being made from lawn chairs that cannot be recycled and predate the current landfill.

Lateral Watershed 4A view of Mount Trashta

Sanitation Engineer William Lane tells the Examiner that Mount Trashta will qualify for EPA grants, as it is an adaptive reuse of land previously overseen by the agency.  Season passes are expected to be cheaper than average to allow the sport to grow. Furthermore, Lane states that all profits will be used to improve the recycling program, and if you bring 10 cans of green beans, you’ll get free entry during the “Jolly Green Giant” promotion.

A rendering of what Mt. Trashta could look like

(While this is satire, here’s another (factual) story we did about the history of garbage dumps in Brownwood!)

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