Editorial: How much debt will Ranger bring to Brown County?

At last night’s forum, Ranger College representatives assured the crowd that Brown County will see no more than an 11 cent per $100 valuation property tax in the first year should the tax annexation measure pass. Ranger College assured those in attendance that Brown County will not take on any of Ranger’s current debt. Here’s what you should be worried about, what about future debt?

The 11 cent tax that Ranger would like to pass is a maintenance and operations tax. This is used for normal operations of the organization, not for renovation/construction. Ranger is planning to renovate the old Bank of America building in downtown Brownwood. You can bet that there will be debt accumulated with the expenses of renovating that structure. Ranger is also planning growth in Erath County. Do Brown County residents really look forward to having a debt tax in addition to the maintenance and operation tax to pay for debt that is accrued in both Brown and Erath counties?

The current debt tax that Ranger’s taxing district is paying is 21.272 cents per $100 valuation. If this current tax rate were used in Brown County, coupled with the 11 cents maintenance and operations tax, Brown County residents would then be paying 32.272 cents per $100, or $322.72 on a home valued at $100,000.

Stay tuned for future editorials.


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