Clem’s Wagon Yard opens for business in Bangs

Special to the Brownwood Examiner

Clem’s Wagon Yard opens for business in Bangs

The City of Bangs announced today a new anchor business for its industrial park, Clem’s Wagon Yard. The new business will specialize in buggy and wagon repair. The yard will use such new technology as hammers with acrylic coating, which will lessen the damage to steel rims. The yard manager, Clem Lonesome, stated. “We want to eliminate the chisel and hammer marks on steel rims.” The new technique was pioneered by the Bangs Water Department, which uses it on all its picks and shovels. It has eliminated distasteful crevices in dirt clods according to the City Secretary. The Wagon yard will hire local ladies to repair canvas tops and paint flowers on the carriages.

The new company has been awarded a low-interest loan from the Bangs Economic Development Corporation with the expectation of eventually employing over twenty-five highly skilled technicians. They are also hoping to obtain a grant from the Texas Industrial commission for employee training. Clem Lonesome stated they would attract business using advanced advertising techniques such as listing in Abiliene’s Craigslist.

In making the announcement, the Mayor stated. “We will have a growth industry to keep our local boys here as opposed to them moving to Brownwood or Coleman and getting involved with those beer guzzling city folks.”

Reported by Flash Concord


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