Coleman Short Sighted on Economic Development

Special to the Examiner

Brownwood’s avid and semi-professional metal detectorist, Trebor Renrut, reports that he’s had yet another run-in with the authorities in Coleman who continue to dumbfound with their anti-economic growth policies.

Trebor likes to detect city parks on occasion. About two years ago, he was detecting in the city park in Coleman. He was approached by a city employee on a riding mower, who informed him that metal detecting wasn’t allowed in the park.

Recently, he returned to try it again. Thinking maybe his digging tool had been too large the last time, he began to detect, with a smaller digging tool. Again, he was approached by yet another city employee on a mower. “The city has outlawed metal detecting in the park.” There are no signs indicating this in the park.

Not only is the city of Coleman on the wrong side of the law on this issue—public property is fine to detect UNLESS there are signs indicating it is not allowed, or it’s locked and fenced—but, in addition, they don’t understand trickle-down economics at all.

Trebor reports that when he detects in Coleman, he usually begins by purchasing locally an RC Cola and a Moon Pie. Or, if it’s near meal time, he will buy a lunch of an Alsup’s burrito. After the burrito, and before heading back to Brown County, there’s usually a stop for a roll of Rolaids.

What this means, naturally, is that Coleman is missing out on a great deal of economic development by limiting the legal places where diggers can dig. That $6 spent on a metal detecting outing will raise the daily Coleman County Gross Domestic Output by an average of 40 or so cents every day! And, if the city is prudent, getting the signs outlawing metal detecting in the park posted might save them a class action suit by the eight metal detectorists within a 50 miles radius.

Apparently not, if you’re in Coleman!

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