2017 Media Reliabilty Survey rates KCNA #1


The Examiner, along with French metrics group Le Pew, has conducted a media reliability survey. The results, while not 100% canvassed, show that the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) of North Korea is rated at 78% favorable, while the Brownwood Bulletin is rated at 28% favorable.

What led to these results? Let’s read some of the responses from those we surveyed and go from there.

Nadine Hamburg – “KCNA writes a lot of stories about what Kim Jong Un does. They mention when he waves at a crowd, when he visits a collective poultry farm, when he gets a haircut.. the Bulletin doesn’t invade people’s privacy nearly enough. I like the police blotter but I want even more details! Ever since they quit publishing court records I feel out of the loop, but I know every little detail of Kim Jong Un’s life!”

Jim Murphy Jr – “I used to like the Bulletin when Harriet Graves was running the show. KCNA showed a picture of Kim Jong Il wearing glasses with a punch perm and it reminded me of her so much that I instantly found KCNA to be trustworthy. I don’t know if it’s the perm or the glasses or both, but it lends an air of reliability!”

images (4)

Edgar Fitsimmons – “I don’t care for that damn Brownwood Bulletin, and I don’t care for the KCNA. Everything I need to know is in the Thrifty Nickel!”

Jolene Smith – “Sometimes I read the Bulletin to see who I went to High School with that has passed away. Most of the time I’m happy about that, but KCNA doesn’t have pop ups and never asks me to subscribe, so I’ll read about North Koreans who pass away instead.”

Harold Sellars – “I sure like to read the bridge column in the Bulletin. It’s the only section without typographical errors!”

Emily Jackson-Lee “KCNA hasn’t been the same since the old Kim died and the new Kim took over. I highly enjoyed watching the old Kim skeptically look at vegetables like a pissed off granny at the grocery store. I felt I could relate to him more than I could to anyone at the Bulletin. Plus, they’re owned by yankees now. Whole operation comes out of New York. I don’t know which I despise more, yankees or North Koreans.”

Jackson-Lee attached several photos of Kim Jong Il surveying produce.


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