Talpa man to introduce rattlesnake wine?

The Brownwood Examiner received a message from James O’Reilly in Talpa, which is in Coleman County. Mr. O’Reilly states that his wife’s husband told him that in China, snake wine is commonly used to increase one’s libido and the stronger the snake, the stronger the wine. He asked if we could get in touch with the Rattlesnake Roundup and put one of ‘them their snakes’ in a plastic jug of Popov Vodka for him. Why vodka? Mr. O’Reilly claims that wine is a ‘sissy drink’. He went on to tell us that he would also like to lease one of the gators from the reptile exhibit to let loose on Mr. Gilmore’s property, as Mr. Gilmore constantly calls the city to complain about his yard’s lack of upkeep. He thinks that a gator would bring tourists to Talpa as well.

We aren’t quite sure how to respond, but we thought this was as good of a time as any to remind you that the Lone Star Fair and Expo will be held March 17-19th and will feature over 75 vendors, so there’s a slim chance you can find homeless people rattlesnake wine. SLIM, but.. good luck, Mr. O’Reilly.


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