Replacing the Coliseum with a new Civic Center? We’ve got the scoop!

It’s been standing on CC Woodson since 1963. It has been home to the Rattlesnake Roundup, thousands of quinceneras, and HPU Basketball. Oh, and there are livestock penises on the side. But with time comes progress, and city manager secretary Joleene Clawson says it’s time to tear down the decrepit Brownwood Coliseum and replace it with something more modern, more diverse, and more devoid of cement testicles. Set to open in mid-2019, Al Love Arena will be the new place to avoid going to in Brownwood.


“One of the major benefits of being a Municipal Development District is our ability to fund multipurpose venues such as event centers and hotels. We knew that the roof was crumbling in the Coliseum for years but our hands were tied. A couple of years ago one of the Lopez boys was getting ready to dance and he just barely dodged a chunk of concrete. Matter of fact, the entire reason we dissolved the Brownwood Economic Development Corporation was to build the Al Love Arena.” stated Clawson.

Clawson continued “Since we quit having the Brownwood Reunion, we noticed local citizens complaining less. We have to come up with a new multi-day event to disrupt traffic patterns, inconvenience business owners, and draw crowds into the mid 100’s. We think a yearly, fully sanctioned BAC Badminton tournament will bring in thousands of dollars in additional revenue to Brownwood. With grass courts, we can also house the Riverside Park Ducks during future flooding events. We won’t be able to house people, but that’s ok, they can go to Heartland Mall.”

The Arena will feature a video board with burnt out pixels, in the tradition of Gordon Wood Stadium and the Dairy Queen.

Al Love Arena, named in honor of longtime Brownwood teacher Alton “Big Al” Love, will seat approximately 12,000 which is 8,000 more than the current Coliseum. The arena will feature 4 grass badminton courts, and a separate tetherball venue. HPU basketball games will be moved outdoors, and metal bleachers will be installed. “We got a few old hoops from the parking lot at Central Methodist Church, and the street crew will paint the basketball court with good paint that doesn’t fade.” according to Clawson. “HPU can built their own arena if they want one, Lord knows tuition is high enough to allow it.”

Rock out with your shuttlecock out!

Phase 1 of arena construction has begun, with sealed bids coming from Mick Kinstry. Mick Kinstry will construct the 1,200sq ft tetherball annex at a cost of $2.1 million dollars, with titanium alloy tetherball poles at a cost of $8,999 each. The actual Al Love Arena will be built once the Coliseum is torn down by a consortium of HKS, designers of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Mick Kinstry, and Prater Construction from Comanche.

“We are in talks to bring professional tetherball to Brownwood”, stated Joe Dan Taylor, who asked to be unnamed in this article. Taylor continued “You only need 2 players to form a team, and the Brownwood Bulletin only needs 2 employees to write a paper, so I think we can do it.”

While team names are undecided, the future of Brownwood looks bright. Al Love Arena will be ignored and hated for years to come.

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