City of Early Hopes to Finally Reach 21st Century as 2017 Arrives

The city of Early is looking for advancements to continue in 2017 as the city prepares for life that has existed for decades across the Bayou in Brownwood. “Rolling trashcarts, that’s the plan!” exclaimed city of Early Technology Adviser & Commercial Recruiter Dan Peanut. “Brownwood got them trash cans with wheels back in the 90s, we’ve been watching their operations and learning how to run the truck that picks em up. Next week we will finally test it out.” Peanut was referring to the pilot program the city is launching the first week of January, where residents on three of Early’s seven residential streets will participate in a program to test the 96 gallon plastic carts. “We were able to purchase a used truck from the city of Bangs to pick up these trash carts. We figure if it’s good enough for Bangs to throw out, it’s good enough for Early to use.”723105200037lg

Since Peanut’s hiring, the city has seen a rash of growth and advancement in recent years, dating back to the opening of the city’s first and only grocery store, Big G. Peanut talked about the economic impact Big G has made on the city. “The opening of Big G keeps several hundred dollars a week on the east side of the Bayou. That’s money that would have went to United, Kroger, Wal-Mart or Aldi. Now, we can keep that here in Early instead.”

In addition to the trash and grocery industries, Early has seen the biggest boom in methamphetamine production and delivery, as is indicated by the recent hotel and motel boom the city has experienced. Drug sales have kept the older, cheap motels throughout the city full which has created the need for newer, more modern hotels to be built. Guests of the cheaper motels have also created the need for fast food venues as both Taco Casa and Heff’s have recently opened. Peanut explained that while the city doesn’t collect sales tax revenues off of drug sales, the economic impact is still noted. “Those guests still pay hotel fees and taxes, and they pay sales tax at the Taco Casa, that all comes back to help the city pay for these trash carts.”

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