Zephyr Police prepare for action

Police have to prepare for countless scenarios day in and day out. It’s a fluid job, and each stop is different. There’s no real set expectations for our men and women in uniform, and knowing that, intra-agency training at Camp Bowie this week has prepared them for the rigors of the job.

While the Mozambique drill and SWAT tactics were expected, the next drill left a few scratching their heads. Targets were placed at the 50-meter-line and officers were instructed to aim for center mass. Sounds normal, but wait until you see the targets.

Yeah.. about that..

“It’s been so long since we’ve had to shoot someone wearing rayon or polyester that our current bullets might not be powerful enough” stated Officer Mac Strong. “A 9mm has adequate stopping power, but these men are wearing thick corduroy slacks. We might have to move to the .45 ACP or hell.. even a Desert Eagle.”

“It was alright, I guess” said first-time participant Dan Minawa, “but that Tom Selleck target confused me. I didn’t know if I was supposed to shoot him because he looked like the rest of the 1970s people or if I was to not engage because he was Magnum, P.I.”

Strong overheard us and expressed his extreme discomfort at Selleck. “Civilians aren’t supposed to have access to kevlar, but that man’s chest hair could stop a mortar.”

Police also practiced the ‘escort’ drill, where the famous Zephyr Zebra was re-routed from Highway 183 South back to its boxcar near Bulldog Stadium.


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