Bass Pro Shoppes Coming to Brownwood-Early?

Shortly after the announcement came that Bass Pro Shops was purchasing Cabela’s for $5.5 billion, news also broke that Bass Pro Shoppes of Canada was trying to secure a location inside of Heartland Mall. Bass Pro Shoppes has offered to take over the current Hibbet’s Sports’ lease while also paying Hibbet’s six monthly payments of $19.95 for them to vacate the mall.
Bass Pro Shoppes, not to be confused with Bass Pro Shops is head-quarted in Ottawa, Canada where they are lead by their CEO Owen Norris. Norris, who wished to remain anonymous until the deal is finalized spoke to the Examiner by phone Monday evening. “We are excited to have an opportunity to come in to Heartland Mall. We’ve heard it’s the center of it all and we want to be in the center of everything. We would have made an offer on the Commerce Square store too, but Canadian Tire, our sister company is interested in that location.”
Bass Pro Shoppes will offer a wider arrange of sporting goods as compared with Hibbet’s. According to Norris, Bass Pro Shoppes specializes in fishing gear for Pike, Walleye, Sockeye Salmon, Muskie and all other popular Central Texas game fish.  “We really hope to see the Muskie fishing pick up on Lake Brownwood.” They also sell gear for both freshwater and saltwater fishing as well as ice fishing, which has been growing in popularity in Brown County over the past decade. As far as hunting goes, “we will have the best gear in all of Brown County for bear and elk hunting.”
If the deal goes through, Norris believes there is a strong chance that Canadian Tire will offer a similar deal to the Hibbet’s location in Commerce Square.Canadian Tire is Canada’s biggest all purpose tire and all purpose pad supplier, supplying both feminine hygiene pads and hockey pads. “Canadian Tire wants to be near Firestone. They really feel good about their chances to steal customers from Firestone due to having such a wider variety of inventory.” Canadian Tire not only sells tires that all central Texans are used to buying, but they also sell winter tires,snow chains, and snowmobiles so people can drive to work on the one day a year the temperature drops below 30 and it sleets.

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