Where will you go when the bomb falls?

While Brownwood didn’t have any blast shelters, Civil Defense was able to allocate a total of 17 fallout shelters.. We’ll take a look at what, during the cold war, could very well have been the last buildings citizens of Brownwood ever saw.

Hug-o-ween? Area man proposes alternative to Halloween

After viewing a report on KTXS about local Halloween displays possibly crossing the line, local resident Robert “Rob” Robertson, who wished to go by Hank, called the Examiner Hotline and expressed his shock at how ‘horrifying’ Halloween has become. Hank expressed his shock at the gory display and suggested a better solution. A “hug-o-ween.”

Bass Pro Shoppes Coming to Brownwood-Early?

Shortly after the announcement came that Bass Pro Shops was purchasing Cabela’s for $5.5 billion, news also broke that Bass Pro Shoppes of Canada was trying to secure a location inside of Heartland Mall. Bass Pro Shoppes has offered to take over the current Hibbet’s Sports’ lease while also paying Hibbet’s six monthly payments of $19.95…