Sonic and CVS to introduce co-branded health foods

You know the drill. If it’s healthy, it tastes bad, and if it’s bad for you, it tastes delicious. Well, two area stores are planning to change that. CVS Brownwood and Sonic of Brown County today announced initial plans to try and encourage healthier eating habits among Brown County citizens.

According to Sonic General Manager Saul Moreno, they have a few products planned, but the first is Milkshakes of Magnesia. They will be part of the usual milkshake happy hour, and offered in 4 new flavors (vanilla, pineapple, caramel, and strawberry) in addition to the classic ‘mint’ flavor of Milk of Magnesia. Hot Fudge will not be, nor will it ever be one of the avaliable flavors, stated a clearly amused Moreno. Moreno also mentioned that pricing will always be “regular” with the Milkshakes of Magnesia.


Future SoniCVS health items include kombucha limeaid, fried tofu sticks, and Centrum Silver peppermints. Pickled beets will be offered as a low-sodium option on burgers, and low-sodium veggie coneys should be for sale by the end of October. Jalapeno poppers infused with Rolaids were planned, but the texture was found to be undesirable.

When asked for comment, CVS escorted us off of the premises.


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