Brown County Police Looking For Missing Hands After Fireworks Show

The Brown County Police Department (BCPD) is asking for help from the public after a pair of hands went missing following the fireworks display at Lake Brownwood on Saturday. At 10:08 PM on July 2nd, BCPD responded to a call from Xavier Smith that his hands had taken off following the grand finale, “I took both my hands out there, we sat and watched the fireworks, then all of a sudden I looked and they were both gone, it’s pretty painful to lose both your hands.”

Mr. Smith said that he felt like he has known his hands all his life, “They’ve been with me forever, they always do what I tell them to and they never let me down. It’s kind of weird that they’d just up and leave.” Mr. Smith went on to explain that he had hired Ernest Johnson and Victor Gomez as helping hands on his ranch near Brookesmith over 20 years ago.

BCPD said that they will continue to search the area. Residents should not be concerned for their safety as BCPD believes both hands are unarmed.

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