Local residents share views on EU Referendum


The hot topic of the day is the UK’s vote to either remain in, or leave the European Union. The question has been asked, and here’s what local citizens polled outside of Big Lots have to say about whether or not Brownwood should leave the European Union:

Edgar Gonzalez, 26 told the Examiner, “I like being in the European Union, ever since we joined it Centex Soccer got those new fields at the sports complex.”

Macy Smith, 17 stated, “I can’t believe it, I didn’t even know we were in the European Union, this is why American schools are so far behind schools in Europe. We need to know these things.”

Johnny Phillips, 44 shared his views. “As long as we build the wall I don’t think we should have to leave, they won’t be able to get over here then.”

Cortez Washington, 31, stated matter-of-factly that, “No, we shouldn’t leave. If we leave, then Prima Pasta leaves, they’re Italian, and that’s the only restaurant my wife wants to eat at when I ask her what she wants. Plus, isn’t Aldi German? My car is insured through Germania, I can’t afford to get a ticket for not having insurance.”

Lisa Garcia, 68, had another idea. “We really should just try to join China. Everything is made there already, if we were part of China we would have lots of manufacturing jobs. That’s the best way to handle this”

NewsTalk 1240 AM Radio broadcast “Hell yes, we should leave. Europe is nothing but a bunch of Socialist bastards”. When we stopped to ask how the hell a radio transmitter was able to walk to Big Lots, it transmitted “Dunno, ask Magic 1380.”

Magic 1380 did not return our phone calls.


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