Area Teen Urges Others to Pee in Pool

Compared to other area water attractions, the Tractor Supply/Big Lots parking lot has been underwater longer this summer than the Aquatic Center was open all of last year.

The Aquatic Center is known for having short summer hours, closing well before school begins in August, and leaving a feeling of disappointment throughout the area. On our trip to the Aquatic Center Friday afternoon, we found the gates closed and area teen Herman Munoz waiting to get inside to swim.

You’d better go swim soon, because this thing is closed off more than the mind of a politician!

After speaking with Munoz for two or three minutes, we learned that he knows all the tricks area youngsters need to know to get the most out of the Aquatic Center. “Last year, I would get here before they opened. I would go inside to use the restroom, put my sunscreen on, and then it was time for them to close” Munoz told us with a sad look on his face. The summer of 2015 was obviously a letdown for Munoz, “this happened at least five or six times,” Munoz exclaimed. This summer, Munoz is ready for fun. “I’ve already got my sunscreen on when I get here, and this year I’ll just pee in the pool so I can have more time in the water!”

Munoz is hoping to spend at least 20 minutes a day in the pool if he can stay from opening until closing and if no more pranksters strike this summer. “Last year, someone thought they’d be funny and drop a Baby Ruth in the pool. It wasn’t funny, they had to close early that day!”


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