Mac Brown Shows Interest in Brownwood Job

Former University of Texas football coach Mac Brown has expressed interest in coming to Brownwood to take over as athletic director and head football coach following the resignation of Chuck Howard earlier this week. Brown spoke exclusively to the Examiner about the opening, “I haven’t put in my application yet, I shouldn’t have to. I’m Mac Brown, but if they really want me to I will.”

Brown is known as a great motivator, often seen clapping on the sidelines during University of Texas football games, “no one claps like I do, I’m Mac Brown.” The legendary coach is known to clap following both positive and negative plays. “That’s how I always got the most out of kids, they saw me clap, and they knew if they’d try harder I’d keep clapping.”

Brown would inherit a Brownwood team that’s coming off a 10-3 season. “There’s a lot of reasons to clap for this team, they’re good, real clapping good.”

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