Coleman County Named Biggest Disappointment in Coleman County

Coleman County has been named the biggest disappointment in Coleman County by the Coleman Residents Observing Trailers, Crackhouses, and Homes (CROTCH) Association. CROTCH was founded in 1996 and for twenty years has attempted to identify areas of the county that need improvement along with ways to improve them.

CROTCH president James Sniffer told The Brownwood Examiner that it was only a matter of time before CROTCH would have to name the entire county to be a disappointment. “We’ve tried for years to improve this county. We’ve hosted events, featured places to visit, and even helped to get the 12th grade added to Coleman High School this year. It doesn’t matter what we do, we just can’t seem to improve the place.”

Under his dynamic leadership, Sniffer’s CROTCH has hosted events such as a seminar on how to prevent cholera and bed bugs, a slaughter your own turkey event at Thanksgiving, and the organization was instrumental in preventing the draining of Lake Coleman by Brown County.

CROTCH members get together bi-annually to vote on specific areas of the county that need attention. “We decided that no problem in this county could be solved in less than two years, so meeting annually was never really considered feasible,” shared Sniffer.

Citing the recent closure of the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in Winters, Sniffer was upset, “we can’t even get a Wal-Mart to come in and close down in Coleman County. Even Alco built a store here and left. No one really knows why the Pizza Hut stays.”

Sniffer said the task of improving the entire county will be the largest ordeal the organization has ever undertaken. “We know we don’t have the financial ability to make Coleman County as nice as Bangs or Winters, but we’re going to do everything in our power to make this place great again.”

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  1. Lori Amos says:

    First off! Alco leaving. Really. There prices were too high and not quality goods. No big loss there. 2nd. Once Les Cogdill is elected Sheriff I think there will be great changes in this county. It is not the county in general that is bad. It is the fact that City police need to step up and get rid of the bad element. Drugs. But even they at some point have their hands tied. Utility rates are through the roof. How can you afford to keep a place up when you pay 500 a month just foe electcity. The leaders of this community need to be the first change and step up! So many people want to move out in the country to get away from the high cost of electricity it is ridiculous. Took us 2 years to find a place, we owned our home and had to move. This should speak loudly. But it falls on deaf ears!

  2. Becky johnson says:

    Not just the city that rapes us some of the land owner there alot going on and none want to do anything about it .. noone want to fix things they have it that way so you never get out keep u broke and if your a drugord or thife u cant make it .. good home town with friend fokes is a scam. You cant even get a loan to get out this hell hole .. what the deal noone for law or anything … light bill 900.00 a mth rent 600.00. Crazy.

  3. Billy Brown says:

    Where do you get your information on coleman tx. I have lived here most of my life and just like Brownwood and most all other towns there is good parts and bad parts of town. All towns have run down places that need to be cleaned up and coleman has started doing this. I think before you talk trash about another town you might want to clean yours up first.

  4. Carrie says:

    What needs to be done is finding things that kids can do so that maybe this next generation won’t b as bad. I have grown up here my whole life n all we had for fun to do when I was a kid was go to the skating ring. Another thing is the drugs if the law would crack down more on these druggies, so that way there’s not 10-11 yrs old out here doing them. It makes me sick. Yes it is the community but without people showing they have faith in the community then nothing will change ever no matter how much money you spend on this town. Thats my opinion from growing up here.

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