Old Brownwood Hotel to Host New Year’s Eve Bash for Homeless

For the first time in over three decades, the Old Brownwood Hotel Rooftop Garden and 12th floor ballroom will be the host of a formal, invitation only party.

Photo courtesy https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5595/15031154080_b59516f5c7_o.jpg

The hotel has sat mostly vacant for the past 30 years, albeit the occasional trespasser from Howard Payne University and area high schools. There have been, however, a small community of the county’s homeless who have taken up residence in the building.

The Examiner caught up with Hotel Bob who resides on the third floor of the hotel. “We have been planning this for a month or more now. Everyone calls me Hotel Bob because I’m in charge.”

The hotel residents have spent time carefully inviting select individuals from around the county. “We invited a lot of our friends that we hang out with behind Kroger. Ain’t no one better attend who ain’t invited though.”

The event promises those in attendance will bring in the new year with plenty of fun and games. “We are planning a cigarette flip and seed spitting contest on the 8th floor.”

The possibility of having a lock in was suggested but ultimately ruled out. “Sally lives up on the 9th floor, and she wanted to have a lock in. We didn’t know how we’d lock anyone in with the big holes in the building on the first floor, so I overruled her because I’m in charge. That’s why they call me Hotel Bob.”

Hotel Bob was also pleased to announce that he had discovered an unopened box of Alka-Seltzers in a 5th floor restroom. “At midnight we are going to go up to the roof garden and throw those to the pigeons that live on the top floors. That should be fun if the tablets ain’t too old.”

When asked about parking for such a large event, Hotel Bob stated that all shopping carts should be parked in the back of the hotel. “We want the carts parked in the back, we wouldn’t want the place to look trashy.”

Prospects from Ranger College could be in attendance to see how the hotel handles big events. “I asked them to come disguised as homeless,” exclaimed Hotel Bob. Bob also stated that he asked all in attendance to “please be on your best behavior as there will be no alcohol or swearing. Fruit cakes and Mince meat will be served for dinner in the ballroom. I won’t be serving the meal though since I’m in charge.”

Brownwood historian Harold Chase told the Examiner, “this may be the biggest event for the old Hotel Brownwood since Adiai Stevenson announced his bid for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. presidency in 1956 from inside the hotel.”

Brownwood interim mayor Stephanie Hanes said that she is hopeful the event will become a tradition and that it can grow in the future to include the homeless from all over central Texas. “I’d love to be able to bring in homeless from Austin, Fort Worth, and Abilene. If we could have them all here just think what it’d do for our economy.”

The Examiner warns against entering the hotel without permission. The hotel is not safe, and those who do may be arrested.

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