City of Coleman Triples in Value as Resident Wins $1 Million Scratch-Off

The Coleman City Council and Coleman ISD school board were all smiles when they heard the news that one of their own residents had won $1 million on a scratch-off. The estimated net worth of the city of Coleman has tripled following the win. Because the resident has wished for minimal publicity, we will not use her name in the article. The ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven on Commercial Avenue.

cashColeman ISD maintenance personnel stayed busy Friday afternoon as they replaced burnt out light bulbs at campuses throughout the district, “it’s been six or eight years since we knew we’d have the funds coming in to purchase new light bulbs. Teachers are really expecting this will make a difference on the STAAR test this year.” Coleman students have performed well on previous STAAR tests, but being able to take the test in proper lighting conditions may make their results even better. Elementary school teacher Chandra Kantspel explained, “now that our kids can see the sky is the limit. We have some really bright students and now we have bright classrooms too!”

The City of Coleman is also anticipating an influx of money due to the scratch-off winnings as the Coleman Economic Development Foundation (CEDF) is now in the process of approving some tax incentives to lure an additional thrift shop to the area. CEDF member Antonio Garment explained that thrift stores are needed in Coleman. “We have one wealthy resident now, but we have over 4,000 who desire another thrift shop. We can’t all be Brownwood and have Dollar Generals and Family Dollars everywhere. We have to settle for what we can get, and what we can get is quality resale.”

Not all residents are as optimistic that the money will come in. Coleman resident Emily Cynic is worried that the district may be counting their chickens before they hatch. “What happens if this lady moves? Why would any millionaire want to stay in Coleman. If she moves and takes her money with her we are in trouble.” Cynic expressed her desire to not pay more in taxes, “if she moves they’re going to have to raise taxes to pay off these fancy new light bulbs.”


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