The Real Scoop on Alvarado

If you’re traveling to Alvarado to watch your undefeated Brownwood Lions take on the Alvarado Indians on Friday night, we’ve got a few tips to help make your Friday more pleasant.

Picture Courtesy Brownwood Lions Spirit Page
Picture Courtesy Brownwood Lions Spirit Page

If you’re looking for first class cuisine, similar to what you always eat in Brownwood, you might try Benny Joe’s, a little Italian eatery. There is also the Daily Special Cafe, as long as the daily special isn’t lion meat you should be okay. Lins China is an option if you prefer Chinese, or Don Chanos has good reviews for Mexican. Last, some readers from Alvarado told us about a little bakery near Don Chanos.

If you’re running late and need something quick, there is a McDonald’s, Burger King, Sonic and more. Again, none of those serve lion.

We would like to recommend that you get to the stadium early to get a good seat. The visitor stands are not huge and we may very well run out of seats, but we prefer being snug and cozy anyway. Please take a shower before traveling to Alvarado.

It is apparent that Alvarado is home to their fair share of liquor stores. Please save your victory celebrations for Saturday. We have plenty of liquor in Brown County, no need to buy some and bring it back here.

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