Krogers to offer free childcare to shoppers

Amid tumbling stock prices Krogers has found itself eager to take back more market share from their competition. That’s why starting on September 10th they will begin to offer free childcare to their shoppers. Curtis Klingleberry, Vice President of Community Outreach explains, “In the past few years we’ve began to experience increased competition from our competitors who offer childcare. Anyone who has visited an Ikea knows you can simply drop off your kid and make them babysit while you shop.” Klingleberry goes on to say “not having to constantly take your kid to the bathroom allows you to spend more time comparing prices and buying Blue Bell.” He adds that focus groups provided significant feedback that aided in their decision.daycare

In addition to childcare Krogers will begin to offer a free glass of wine to every parent that utilizes the service. Customers will simply need to take their children to a sales associate and provide them with a name, Texas ID card, and contact number. “Once we have that basic information, just leave and enjoy your shopping experience.” It is important to note that families are limited to three-children per household and time is limited to 2-hours. Also, because of sanitary concerns children from Coleman are not eligible to participate.

Klingleberry explains that “Because of a recent outbreak of cholera in Coleman County, we are unfortunately not able to provide this service to residents outside of Brown County.”

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