Brown County to Spend Nearly $6 Million to save $5,500 a Month

Brown County is considering entering in to a $5.7 million deal to reduce monthly operating costs by $5,500.

An Energy Savings Performance Contract could save Brown County taxpayers nearly $5,500 a month. The price for the plan is all for a one time payment of $5.7 million. The Examiner interviewed Brown County resident Joe Joe Hudson on his thoughts. Hudson has kept a close watch and routinely attends all county meetings of the Commissioners. “I think it’s a good idea, I mean, who wouldn’t make an investment that you’ll break even on in a little over 87 years.”

Hudson said the contract will replace equipment that still has quite a bit of life expectancy remaining. “We’re going to get new air conditioning units all over the county. A lot of them are only a couple of years old too. I say replace them while they’re still working to save from having to replace them when they go out.” Additionally, the units are thought to be of the highest quality according to Hudson. “Well I was looking online and some of these units that we’re getting for $28,000 go for $5,000 to $8,000 in other places, so they must be really good.”

When asked what will be done with the units that are removed and still working, Hudson winked and said, “well…. you don’t really need to know that, now do ya?”

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