Early Resident Petitions for Dollar Store

Early resident Michelle East has started a petition to bring a dollar store to the city of Early. East’s petition states that, “it isn’t fair Brownwood has five dollar stores, Bangs has one, and even Lake Brownwood has one now.”dollar store

The petition has already gained over 4,000 signatures, which exceeds the population of the city of Early. East explained that she thinks some Brownwood residents have signed as well. “I had some who signed expressing that they wished Early would take one or two off of Brownwood’s hands. It’s really become a world of dollar stores west of the Bayou.”

Blanket resident Jim Bob Hudson said he signed the petition in support of the new store. “I would like it cuz I wouldn’t have to fight the traffic in Brownwood no more.”

Some residents, obviously upset with the petition, reminded East that Early was home to ‘Just a Dollar’ for many years inside of Heartland Mall and couldn’t keep the store open. Upset resident Dale Powell told the Examiner, “our citizens didn’t shop there, what makes you think they’ll shop at one of these fancy stores?” East counters that the former store sold low quality items at low prices unlike Family Dollar and Dollar General. “I think people underestimate the quality of the goods at Dollar General and Family Dollar. They’re not even that cheap! Everytime I take my kids to Brownwood they get excited because they know we’re going to the dollar store.”

East said that she longs for the day when a super dollar store is born. “I’d love to see Dollar General and Family Dollar build super stores like Wal-Mart has done. We could have food samples, demonstrations, and so much more. Early would be the perfect place for a store like this to call home.” East went on to say the demographics of Early are ready to support a dollar store, “we have a lot of low income here just like everywhere else. We have trash on the sides of the road too. We deserve more!”

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