Coleman County Officials: “His trailer house just done fell down”

Above: A Coleman County mobile home is sitting upright again after having water rush underneath it and push it off of its cinder blocks.

Coleman County officials have spent the better part of the past week crunching numbers on their calculators and assessing damages throughout the county. County worker Gavin Thibodeaux told the Examiner that officials have seen damage county wide, with the majority of damage located in the eastern sections of the county where most of the rainfall fell. “We had several trailers get water underneath them. One poor fella’s trailer had a cinder block done get washed out from under the front left end of his trailer house and it falled over. His trailer house just done fell down!” Neighbors were able to use a 1987 Dodge pickup with a wench to lift the house back in to position. “The best part is that no one got hurt. His momma was inside in her wheelchair and she done rolled cross the floor, but she just got a few scrapes and bruises.” It is not expected that any further repairs will be needed for the mobile home.

In other areas, some repairs will be necessary as Coleman County officials estimate county wide damages to be in excess of $64. “Right now we think it could be closer to $70; we won’t know til we go to Home Depot.” Thibodeaux said the bulk of the expenses will be the gas that is consumed in driving to Home Depot in Brownwood, “you never know bout those gas prices, could be more could be less. We got a 1973 GMC and she burns gas I tellya whut.”

Coleman County officials also voted to give Thibodeaux authority to communicate with state and federal leaders in an attempt to have a disaster declaration for Coleman County, “we could really use FEMA’s help in covering this $70. I’d really like to see if we could get a perpetual disaster area issued at least until Coleman gets a Wal Mart.”

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