Flights Resume Normal Schedule at Brownwood Airport as Flood Waters Recede

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Last week’s flooding didn’t just close portions of downtown Brownwood, it forced all domestic and international flights out of Brownwood Regional Airport to be re-routed to neighboring airports. Travelers were upset with having to land at airports in Comanche and Eastland counties only to be forced in to renting a car to travel the rest of the way to Brownwood. “You would think that a non-stop flight from Munich to Brownwood would mean non-stop, not stop in Comanche and drive 30 minutes!” exclaimed angry tourist Nikolaus Hanz.

Hanz was most upset that there was not a place in the Comanche airport that he could sit down and enjoy a beer or grab a bite to eat. “The food court consisted of an electronic machine that ate money and dispensed expired snacks and canned sodas.”

Another tourist, Caitlin Abbott delayed her departure by a week so as not to have to fly on Comanche Airlines. “I flew in to Brownwood and it was such a wonderful experience. I decided to stay a few days longer so that I could fly out the same way I came in.” Abbott was most impressed with the scenery when she flew in to town. “The skyline when you fly over Brownwood is just simply amazing. That’s the thing I’ll miss most when I return to London.”

Brownwood Airport head of security Jim Bob Haskins said he’s anxious to see the customers return. “I enjoyed a few days off, but frisking the patrons in between smokes and swigs of beer is what my life is all about.”

The Brownwood Airport offers non-stop flights to 23 cities in North America and 9 cities in Europe.

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