Bankrupt! Prisoners deposited without withdrawal at Bank of America

bank of america
Bank of America could lease its vault to Brown County to house overflow prisoners.

The Brown County Jail is nearing capacity, and Bank of America is closing its downtown Brownwood location. County officials are looking in to paying fees to adjacent counties to house overflow inmates, but Oscar Rodriguez of Bank of America wants to lease its vault to Brown County for housing prisoners.  “The bank really hasn’t made any money here in some time.”

Bank of America, a trendsetter in closing branches, will make more money leasing the building as a jail than they would have as a bank in Brownwood. “We basically lose more money in overdrafts than we make in savings accounts.” Rodriguez explained that the vault is very secure, and he feels it could even be used to house Brown County’s most dangerous criminals. “There were some days where we couldn’t even get it open from the outside. I don’t see how anyone would ever get it open from the inside.”

Rodriguez mentioned that county officials had toured the former Citi Financial location, but Bank of America has a much larger vault. “Citi’s vault could possibly be used to house the women inmates.” Bank of America got the idea to leave Brownwood from Citi, “we heard how well Citi Financial was doing since leaving Brownwood, and we thought we’d follow suit”

The trapdoors are still present in the old jail for execution by hanging.

Another advantage of using the Bank of America vault is its proximity to the former Brown County Jail, now serving as a museum. Rodriguez explained that the trap door is still inside the jail and could be used for execution by hanging, should the need arise. “We could do Huntsville’s job faster and cheaper.” Rodriguez issued a warning to citizens still banking with his company “The trap door hangings could also go for delinquent accounts..”

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