Abilene Literacy Rate Dips as Library Discusses Moving to the Mall

The Abilene Library Advisory Board has sent a recommendation to the Abilene City Council to consider moving the Abilene Public Library’s south branch to the Mall of Abilene. The move could benefit both the library and the mall as malls nationwide are finding themselves scrambling to find new tenants. Abilene resident Baxter Leopold suggested consolidating all of the city’s public libraries in to one location inside the mall. “It’s really crazy to have multiple libraries in a town where the literacy rate rivals those in Sierra Leone. Just look at how these people type and spell on Facebook. We are not being good stewards of taxpayer money.”mall of abilene

The low literacy rates, Leopold explained are calculated, “without south Abilene included of course. If you include Wylie ISD then the literacy rates increase drastically. That’s why the library should be on the south side of town.” Leopold lives within Wylie ISD in the city of Abilene.

Opponents to the library moving have suggested difficulty in finding a parking space as well as the noise that is present in malls. Leopold countered that the mall is really only busy two or three days before Christmas and before school gets started in the fall. “The mall is rarely busy, and if anything, maybe some of these people from north Abilene will accidentally wander in to the library while they’re frolicking around the mall. Would it be a crime if one of them picked up a book?”

The Abilene City Council will vote on the matter on July 9th.

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