Jorge Straight to Sing at Brownwood Reunion with Josh Turner, Uncle Kracker

jorge straight
Jorge Straight was all smiles when he announced that he would sing his final farewell in Brownwood.

Jorge Straight has agreed to come out of retirement and sing one last time. The famous country artist will perform at the Brownwood Reunion Celebration this fall. “It’s been so hard being retired. I can’t wait to sing one last time in Brownwood,” shared Straight.

Straight will sing some of his all time greatest hits at the event, including, but not limited to:

“All My Exes Live in Brownwood,” “Deuce in the Bowl”, “Santa Anna by Morning,” and “Bayou Front Property”

Straight has even written a new song just for Brownwood, “Road without End, Amen” in reference to the Austin Avenue road construction. Straight mentioned that he hopes locals don’t confuse him with the less popular George Strait. “That guy, he’s okay, but he’s not on my level yet. I hate it when gringos mistake me for him.”

Several of Straight’s hits have spent time in the top 10, some getting as high as number 1 on the charts.

Many have asked how Brownwood can afford to bring in a celebrity of such stature. It turns out that he’s being sponsored by the county’s newest radio station, La Ley 104.7 KQMJ Blanket, proving that Blanket can get real talent that Brownwood can’t.

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