United Supermarket Hopes to Supply Groceries & Avoid Name Confusions with United Way

United Supermarket opened its newest store today on Commerce Street, and the company plans to provide the community with more than just a beautiful new building to shop. “We hope to provide this town with groceries,” said delivery truck driver Esteban Vallejo. Vallejo said selling groceries has always been the core ingredient for United’s success. “We always try to sell groceries, that’s why we’re here. Why would we be here otherwise? I can’t even imagine how we’d be doing if we just let all this product sit here and we didn’t sell any of it.”

Photo Courtesy United Supermarket Facebook page

Customers were eagerly awaiting the grand opening of the store this morning, hoping that Vallejo’s remarks about wanting to sell groceries was true. “It’s just too good to be true, I hope they let me buy as much as I can fit in a cart,” exclaimed anxious Brownwood shopper Desinty Trill. Trill went on to explain how excited she was last summer when the news broke that Brownwood would be getting an HEZ Plus Central Commodities Store. “I knew that HEZ sold groceries, but then they backed out on coming since the community seemed to slander their idea. Now we are stuck with United instead.”

The Examiner was able to greet Amanda Vasquez on the way to her car in the United parking lot to ask about her shopping experience. “I was disappointed that they didn’t have day old bread, and nothing was about to expire so there was nothing marked down extremely cheap.” Vasquez said she still likes the idea of a store that has a full aisle devoted to Ramen Noodles and potted meat, as well as a roll your own cigarette station. “I just don’t know why everyone hated those ideas so much.”

The store has been mistakenly referred to as United Way Supermarket several times over the past few days by local radio disc jockeys adding to the confusion of local residents over what exactly resides inside the walls of the building. We urge you to go find out, and let us know what you think!

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