Least Desirable Texas Paddling Trail to Launch in Brownwood March 12th

bayou pollution2
Kayaks await paddlers in the pollution.

Texas’ newest Paddling Trail has also been named Texas’ least desirable padding trail by the Brownwood Examiner. According to Brownwoodnews.com, “A ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, March 12 will mark the launch of the Pecan Bayou Paddling Trail, the 63rd official Texas Paddling Trail and the westernmost trail in the expanding system.”

bayou pollution3
You never know what, or who you’ll find in the Pecan Bayou

Paddlers will have access to the trail via Fabis Primitive Park, a park established along the Pecan Bayou approximately halfway between Brownwood and the Lake Brownwood dam. When they named this a primitive park, they really meant primitive. There’s nothing (and no one) there, except for the usual  Brown County drug trade.

Two trails will be offered to paddlers, a 3.2 mile loop upriver and back or a 4 mile loop downriver and back. Regardless of which path you choose, nature observers will be able to witness plenty of water moccasins, opossums, the occasional coral snake, and plenty of floating beer cans. For those who are more interested in the scenic plants; live oaks, pecan trees, and poison ivy are dispersed along the banks of the Pecan Bayou. Be sure to bring Calamine lotion, as you will undoubtedly have to get out and hike on the muddy banks at some point. The low levels of the bayou will cause anyone weighing more than 85 pounds to run a canoe aground, causing them to have to wade through traverse tepid mosquito filled swamps.

bayou pollution
The Bayou is a popular river for training youngsters to navigate larger rivers in south Texas.

Binoculars are also recommended for those wishing to spot the meth labs that are hidden beyond the foliage of the trees.

Those with any depression/anxiety problems are encouraged to take the northern route, as experts fear the journey would lead anyone suffering from these problems to jump off the dam on the southern route.

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  1. pancho says:

    The beauty is enhanced by the concrete sculpture garden on the bank (aka the remains of the old Lions Stadium an influential local contractor was allowed to dump into the river)

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