New Retail Store coming to Brownwood

Brownwood shoppers may soon have a new retail establishment to peruse as Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México is rumored to be finalizing a deal that we first reported to you last summer. Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México has it’s corporate headquarters in Baja California, Mexico. Brownwood shoppers were excited at the news on Friday that a new dollar store could be coming to the area, greatly adding to the shopping selection the city currently offers its residents. City leaders characterized the deal as, “necessary to fill a retail gap that our current retail establishments are not meeting.” City leaders also emphasized that, “dollar stores are something we are really reaching out to attract, as studies indicate this is an area of deficiency in our retail sector.”

In addition, leaders also stated that Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México will give Brownwood consumers an option they haven’t had before as they will willingly accept both U.S. Dollars and Mexican Pesos. “We feel that with our ever expanding Hispanic population, it is important for us to attract businesses that will accept the Mexican Peso in Brownwood, we are also excited to see if they will fly a Mexico flag at their business.”

Once built, the store plans to have celebrations on Cinco de Mayo as well as Diez y Seis de Septiembre. The celebrations will be a unique experience for all as the festivities will attempt to combine Brownwood traditions with a Mexican flavor. While the plans are still in the works, possible menu items include Tacos de carne en conserva (preserved meat), Menudo con Spam, and Baja Sardine Tacos. The lone beverage item on the list is Tampico de Keystone.

Feel free to browse the pictures below to see what the inside of a Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México looks like:

Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México carries a wide variety of drinks and snacks.
Most of the products are made in either Mexico or China, just like those at traditional U.S. stores.
Waldo’s Dólar Mart de México hopes to become the store parents go to for school supplies in Brownwood.

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