Brownwood ISD Issues Bold Statement, “We ain’t afraid of no ice!”

If you get your kicks seeing kids slip on ice like BISD does, just park near a school and watch! Maybe the district won’t even put salt/sand out on the sidewalks to make it extra entertaining!

Brownwood ISD will be the only school in our county attending at regular times on Monday morning. Of the seven public school districts and one private school in Brown County, there is one who truly isn’t afraid of ice! Brownwood ISD employee Blevin Gooberee made the decision to keep schools operating at normal times. Gooberee stated, “I really like sitting in my car, watching the kids slip and slide across the ice trying to maintain their balance. And there’s a few teachers I don’t like, I really hope they bust their ass out there today!”

Some may ask, “where’s Blincoe?” Well he would have had school starting early, I mean, that guy really loved having school in winter weather! Remember 2011? The truth is, deciding to have school or delay school usually falls on the shoulders of the superintendent, not the assistant superintendent or any other employee. Being that BISD just agreed to pay Blincoe $300,000 to leave the district, he probably doesn’t care if school is even in session next week! I wish I were disliked so much by my boss that they’d pay me to leave!

This child fell forward somehow. We heard from BISD employees that it’s funnier when they fall on their butt. There will be plenty of opportunities to find out if this is true.

The interim superintendent lives in the Brady area, some 40 or so miles outside of Brownwood. We are assuming that our interim superintendent didn’t feel comfortable making a decision to have school or not with living so far away, so the duties must have been delegated to Gooberee. We wonder if the TV was out in Brady and our acting superintedent didn’t see that every district in Brown County had delayed school. Santa Anna ISD, a mere 22 miles to the west of Brownwood canceled for the entire day, but hey, let’s be honest, how much learning really goes on in Coleman County anyway?

While the other districts in Brown County all made decisions last night, Brownwood ISD actually has a policy not to make a decision that early. Yes, you read that right, BISD has a policy to procrastinate! As you can see in the clip from the BISD website below, BISD will not make a decision prior to 4:30 AM.

BISD Inclement Weather Procedures

When we asked about this policy, we were told, “we don’t like to let our kids and employees know the night before even if we know we are going to be closed. We think it’s bad practice for them not to have to wake up early and check.”

EDIT: Since this article was written Bangs and Early have cancelled school. Brownwood schools started this morning at regular time.

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