Brownwood Bulletin goes up in price; readers react!

As of March 2015, the price for the weekday Brownwood Bulletin is increasing to a dollar. The daily broadsheet of press releases, AP Newswires, want ads, and one or two actual articles here and there must keep up with the times.

We polled some of our readers on this change. As you all know, Brownwood does not deal with change well. The following submissions were anonymous, except for Lester, who asked that we not name him.

Some readers thought that the Bulletin needed to do more innovative things to remain culturally relevant.

“They should appeal to hipsters and use Linotype, print on a mimeograph, and all wear top hats and monocles in staff photos. I’d pay for that.”
“Does incognito mode still work? Heh. Paywalls..”
“I’ve heard the kids like Buzzfeed a lot. Maybe the Bulletin needs polls and quizzes. “Which former elementary school are you?” or “Which mayor is your secret crush?” I hope I get Massey!”
“Needs more kittens. And more Gene Deason.”

Other readers were more ambivalent;

“Without the Bulletin, where would I get important headlines such as ‘Vaccination is the key to preventing measles?” Maybe they’ll tell me that “America defeats Germany” or “Cold War Ends” or “Drinking water is important to not get heat stroke” next!”
“Great, now what is my bird going to shit on?”
“Thanks, Obama.”
“I’ll keep reading it while waiting in line for the lotto player in the morning to finish scratching. I never fail to finish reading before it’s my time at the register. I’m so glad they put the Bulletin right by the door at the 7-11.”
“Well, I’m older and I always regret reading the obituaries. It’s a sudden shock to see an old friend or comrade has passed away. Now that I’m on a limited budget, I guess I finally have an excuse not to know! Plus, I’d rather hear Carl Wayne or Rick Phelps announce the arrangements on the radio. At least then I get a song afterwards, and don’t just sit here drowning in my tears!”

And yet others were critical.

“Is still free? Ok, thanks.”
“Does this mean they’re finally getting rid of the side ad, the pop-in ad, the pop-down ad, etc? This is not 1998, and the Bulletin is not hosted on Angelfire for crying out loud!”
“What has the Bulletin done in recent time to be worthy of my dollar? When have they broken a major story? Started a scandal? That’s what the Examiner is for! And they have the good courtesy to not charge a dime, let alone a buck!”
“I’m from Brookesmith, son. Don’t come at me with that new fangled book reading.”


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