Rick Carlisle, Lions Could Negotiate Contract, Fans Say

A mere 3 hour trip could resurrect a struggling Brownwood basketball program.

The Lions basketball team is in serious need of a spark, and local fans believe that Rick Carlisle could provide that spark. The Lions’ struggles reached an all time low in 2013-2014 as the team went 0-25. In the second game of the season this year, Brownwood was able to break a 36 game losing streak. Lion fans are encouraged with a handful of wins in the bag, but still believe something needs to be done, “we are sitting at 4-16 right now, and while we think things are going a little better, we’re ready to reach out and see if we can land a big name,” shared Lion fan Brady McDaniel. McDaniel said that a group of Lion fans have come together to discuss a compensation package that Carlisle hopefully would be unable to refuse. “While we haven’t yet met with Superintendent Reece Blincoe on the matter, we feel that we’ve laid the ground work to get him in here. We’ve even made contact with some of his friends to kind of feel out the situation.” The compensation package that has been discussed includes a salary from BISD that could fall in the $40,000 range, a vehicle provided by Joe Dan Auto Traders out of Lake Brownwood, and a Saturday morning radio show hosted at the Red Wagon “We are going to offer to pay for his breakfast at the show too, unless we can get Red Wagon to throw it in for free.” Complimentary passes to all other BISD athletic events would also be provided. “We know that he makes a lot more money right now than he would with BISD, so that’s why we’re offering a vehicle and breakfast every Saturday.”

Carlisle has some serious thinking to do if a contract is offered from BISD.

Originally, Lion fans were skeptical that such a big name could be landed. “When I was first approached with the idea of bringing in an NBA champion head coach, I thought there’s no way we could ever land Greg Popovich. But then a friend mentioned Rick Carlisle, and I thought if we can’t have Popovich, we’d love to have Carlisle. That’s when I called and spoke to Carlisle’s close friend Donovan Meadows.” Meadows told McDaniel that Carlisle has dreamed for years of donning the maroon and white at BHS, but that he never thought such a high goal was obtainable. “When I spoke to him, he broke down a few times. He said he could hardly contain his emotions because he knew how happy Rick would be when he found out that we wanted to get him out of Dallas.”

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The Brownwood Examiner is a satirical production.  

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