Commissioners Vote to Keep a Colecovision Displayed in Courtroom

Brown County Politburo members unanimously adopted a resolution Tuesday to continue displaying, within the courtroom, a fully functional Colecovision. The swiftly approved measure supports retaining the 33-year-old console. Dating to 1982, the Colecovision represents the second generation of home video game systems.


According to Comrade Raymond Westerman, the court wished to adopt the resolution to “permanently and prominently display the Colecovision,” which has been on display in the courtroom for quite some time. The Colecovision is often consulted for pressing matters, guidance, or a diversion from the trials and tribulations of life inside of the courthouse. It’s seen as a beacon of hope, and a promise of better things to come.

Westerman explained that the console has been enjoyed in the U.S. since 1982, after having been used unofficially as a prototype, alongside the Intellivision. Westerman stated that the Zilog Z80, which powers the console, was originally used in arcade machines prior to being included in a home console.

“There are hooligans who would have it removed, so I would like to see that we adopt a resolution that the Colecovision be retained as our official video game console and that it continue to be displayed permanently, alongside a stack of cartridges, and with a fully functional television, displayed in our courtroom and for that matter, any other portion of the courthouse that we deem appropriate.”

After the unanimous vote, Westerman stated, “The heathens in Washington who want to do away with our prized Colecovision should be run out of town on a rail.”

In 2009, IGN named the ColecoVision their 12th best video game console out of their list of 25, citing “its incredible accuracy in bringing current-generation arcade hits home.”


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