Coleman ISD Votes in Favor of Adding 12th Grade in 2015-2016

coleman educationThe world is ever evolving, and Coleman County is no exception. After several hours of deliberation, the Coleman Independent School District moved in favor of accepting an invitation from Santa Anna ISD to offer Coleman students a 12th grade education. The acceptance of the invitation did not come easily though, as bickering back and forth between board members and community members who were in attendance pressed on for hours.

Board members who voted against the measure were generally against the notion as most of the students who signed up for the 12th grade wouldn’t really be interested in the 12th grade, they just wanted a free trip to Santa Anna each day via a school bus. “These kids just want to go run around in downtown Santa Anna, they don’t really care about furthering their education,” yelled board president Michael Franks.

Board member Anette Ford argued that new studies showed that as many as 1 in 5 students who complete the 11th grade at Coleman High are ready for the 12th grade. “We have a duty to prepare these students by offering them an opportunity to be a senior.” Members of the community were allowed to sign up to speak their opinions before the board voted. Reactions among community members were mostly against the idea, “It was bad enough when they introduced Senior High. All I got was a Junior High education, and I’m doing fine” stated area panhandler Morris Westerman.

Many of those against the idea argued that CISD doesn’t have the funds to send a bus to Santa Anna once a day, but Ms. Ford assured that a grant had been obtained that would provide the diesel. “We have obtained a grant from the federal government that will supply roughly 80% of the cost to transport the students back and forth. Additionally, we are looking at having another cow pie fundraiser, we’ve raised a lot of money with this in the past.”

The cow pie fundraiser is an event where a pasture is divided in to sections like a grid, and citizens are allowed to purchase sections where they think a cow in the pasture will drop its patty. Santa Anna residents, for the most part were against the idea. City politician Bradly Upton said he feels the Coleman students will lower the overall quality of education that the Santa Anna students are currently receiving. “Everyone knows Santa Anna and Coleman don’t get along, I’m not sure why we’d invite them down here unless it’s just to show them how much smarter our kids are than their kids. I just hope our kids’ education doesn’t suffer because the Coleman kids are here”

Regardless of how you feel, it appears that Coleman is poised to finally offer the 12th grade this coming school year. Share your thoughts and opinions with us on our Facebook page at


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