Coleman to Host Third Annual ‘Slaughter your own Turkey’

Coleman is preparing for its third annual ‘Slaughter your own Turkey’ Thanksgiving event. The event will take place Wednesday evening off county road 136 just east of Coleman. Event organizer Peter Poultry said the event has become a key way for residents in Coleman to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. “We have a lot of residents who just can’t afford a turkey at Thanksgiving, so we’re going to see if we can’t help them out again this year.”

turkeyJust like the first two years, the event will be a free for all as turkeys are released in to an arena with all competitors. Competitors will be allowed to capture, kill, and bag one turkey for their family. “We’ve sold a lot of tickets to people from Abilene and Brownwood to come watch. That’s where we get most of the money to be able to donate so many turkeys. There’s not many people left in Coleman to purchase a ticket since most are out there trying to kill a turkey.”

In addition to a free turkey, competitors will be eligible to win a pie. The competitor who kills the first turkey will win a pumpkin pie. The competitor who uses the best Thanksgiving themed method to kill his/her turkey will win a pecan pie. Last year’s first kill came a mere 14 seconds after the turkeys were released, and the most Thanksgiving themed kill last year involved a sweet potato (use your imagination).

Coleman isn’t the only Coleman County municipality to be involved in giving to those less fortunate this season. The small community of Talpa, not to be outdone by Coleman, will be giving away free pickled beets. Nobody has been to Talpa’s Thanksgiving event since 1987.

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  1. Skip says:

    Bullhocky. The pickled beet gathering in Talpa was well attended this year. Ima Green Gardner came all the way from Glen Cove with her blue ribbon beet casserole. Jack Russell and his terrier Festus entertained the crowd. Participants unanimously voted 3-0 to donate 5 possums to the annual Brownwood Stew Supper.

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