Abandoned vehicle reported missing by Owner

A May resident has reported his 1986 Pontiac Bonneville missing after he abandoned the vehicle last week. A report filed with the May Police Department stated that Freddy Enrique Gamez of May abandoned his vehicle alongside county road 417 sometime late last week. Gamez stated that his vehicle was having engine problems, and because he was afraid the car would overheat, he left it on the side of the road and walked back to his residence in May. “I really didn’t think nothing of it, but I haven’t been back to get it and now it may be not be there.” Gamez continued by saying that he hopes the police department will work quickly to locate his vehicle before someone else does. “I just hope they don’t tell where I left it because someone else might go out on county road 417 to find it first.” Gamez also stated that he does not have insurance on the vehicle.

Pictured above: A 1986 Pontiac Bonneville

May Police Department spokesperson, chief of police, and lead detective Cory Yellers spoke to the Examiner on condition of anonymity. “We are working every possible lead right now, but until we can pinpoint where we need to search, there’s not much point in going out and looking for anything. This is a big city, and we don’t have the resources to check every street in town.”

This is the first recorded vehicle disappearance in May in some time, as police department records show no other vehicles ever being reported as missing.

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