UPDATE: Zephyr Resident who had Manhood Stolen is Re-united with Wife

Patrick Knowle Balls, the Zephyr resident who turned his wife in for stealing his manhood just two weeks ago was reunited with his wife on Thursday afternoon. Balls spent the past two weeks at an evaluation center in Mullin where experts worked with Balls to determine when his manhood went missing and where it may be now. Tom Foolery, facilities director at the Mullin center said investigators have worked around the clock to piece together where Balls’ manhood may be, “we’ve spoken to him multiple times, we even brought in a sketch artist to render a drawing of what his manhood may look like. We are going to be in contact with some of the area high schools to see if their art students and/or animation classes would be willing to re-create the sketches and spread them around town so that hopefully we can find his manhood.”

whippedMeanwhile, Zephyr PD has been busy obtaining search warrants and carrying out an extensive investigation in to the whereabouts of Balls’ manhood. Zephyr chief of police Kurt Findnada said his officers have searched the entire residence inside and out and have also carried out an extensive search inside the purse of Patrick Knowle Balls’ wife. “The problem here is, we really didn’t know what we were looking for. All of us here at the department are married men, and we haven’t seen a manhood in quite some time. Hopefully these drawings the high school students are working on will help us in our investigation.”

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