Lions Ranked #1 in Slowest No Huddle Offense

The Brownwood Lions are once again receiving statewide recognition as they have received the honor of having the slowest no huddle offense in all of Texas. The Lions soared to the top in the rankings after the debacle last week of getting the play called in time by the coaches. To avoid being assessed a five yard penalty, Brownwood had to use four timeouts throughout the game (three in the second half) as the coaches took too long deciding on what play to run.

The Examiner spoke to several Lion football players, who all asked to remain anonymous out of fear that they were not allowed to talk before waiting for the 40 second clock to expire. “We run our no huddle offense in practice everyday. Sometimes we stand there looking at our wristbands for two minutes, but we always figure out what we’re supposed to do.”

Another shared his thoughts on the Stephenville offense. “Sometimes they ran no huddle, and sometimes they huddled up and called a play that way. The confusing part was, they never had to waste a timeout due to the play clock winding down.”

Some Lion players are embarrassed, and they hope the rumor is true that the coaches have had new stopwatches ordered. “We heard a generous fan or collection of fans ordered stopwatches for our coaches. These are supposed to be top of the line stopwatches to help our coaches know just how long we have to get the play in.”

As of press time, the stopwatches had not come in, but fans and players are hoping they will arrive in time for the coaches to learn how to use them next week during the bye week. “You know, even if they come in on Thursday, I don’t quite see how the coaching staff will have adequate time to learn how to use these stopwatches before the Wylie game on Friday night. We will use the bye week next week to learn how to use those.”

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