Friday Night Football Recap

Friday night recap:

Brownwood 51 Burkburnett 8: This game could have been worse. The Lions opted not to score at the end of the game and knelt the ball showing great sportsmanship. It’s unclear why the Lions scheduled this game being that it’s practically in Oklahoma. Perhaps some coaches wanted to go gamble a little after the win?

Early 38 Jim Ned 32: Early was so surprised to actually have a lead at halftime that they forgot to crown their homecoming queen. There are several very angry homecoming queen nominees in Early today. Avoid the town at all costs (like anyone really had a reason to go there anyway).

Brownwood Victory Life 62 Carrollton Christian 0: Don’t get too excited. We aren’t sure if this is real football or not. No one we know has ever gone to watch.

Coleman 50 Anson 14: Coleman hasn’t had a winning record in a few years, but they have started hot this season. Coleman is 5-0, and we believe that they’ve used their anger from Brownwood wanting to drain their lake to fuel their fire that they’re taking out on the opposition.

Santa Anna 58 Blanket 42: Coleman County notches a victory over Brown County, but it’s Santa Anna so it doesn’t matter much. Let’s get the Coleman Bluecats to strap it up against the Brownwood Lions and see what happens. I say we place a wager on it too, water rights anyone?

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