Low Cost Daycare Pilot Program to Open in Brownwood

Children will receive outfits to match their caretaker.

In a surprise move today, the Council for Inmate Development selected the T.R. Havins Unit in Brownwood as a finalist for a new low-income day care facility. “Brown county is a unique area. It has a large non-violent inmate population that we believe would be a good fit for our first trial facility.” According to Seymour Dix, the Council’s Director, “Brownwood is suitable for this trial program because of it’s unique social-economic makeup. The Havins Unit, offers a reliable supply of first time non-violent offenders.” A recent study by North East Arizona University last fall suggested that allowing inmates to take care of small children a few hours a day lowered the recidivism rate by almost 25%, suggesting that forming a bond with someone who’s not also incarcerated may perhaps change the inmate outlook.

Essentially the plan will be to have low income families who are in need of daycare services apply for assistance with the Council. Then, with the help of a child psychologist and prison staff, inmates will be matched with a suitable child. If the applicant family is deemed suitable and they agree to the terms, weekly childcare will be provided free of charge for the family for 90 days. After a 180-day term, the applicant will have to re-submit their application and be approved for continued participation in the program. And where will the children stay? Well, thanks to an anonymous philanthropist a temporary day-care facility will be constructed on the grounds of the unit- if all goes well construction on a more permanent structure will begin in the Fall of 2016.

“This help is much needed and I can’t wait for my two kids to meet their new inmate caretaker.” said a local resident who wanted to remain anonymous. The accounting firm of John, Jacob-Jingle,& Heimer-Schmidt will oversee the program and provide un-biased statistical feedback to the council.

“I never though this program would happen, but I can’t wait to the kids to meet their inmate families.” said Dix.

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  1. Yep says:

    I personally would’ve used my lawyer, C.Vernon Hale.

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