Your 2014 guide to avoiding the Brownwood Reunion

Editors Note: This article is a work in progress. Your suggestions will be added to the article, if deemed to be appropriate concerns.

It’s that time of the year again. Roads are closed, and Groundhog’s Day sets in. It’s Reunion time, home to the same ideas, vendors, themes and activities going on 14 years now. Many people enjoy the Brownwood Reunion, but many more do not. This guide is for them.

I need to:

Go to the motor teller for Citizens National Bank or Texas Bank
See if your bank has a snapshot deposit feature. Visit the ATM. Swallow the fees, it’s worth it.

Get to Early via CC Woodson
Take Fisk to the courthouse, turn right on S. Broadway, and then left onto CC Woodson. This route will also help you avoid the reunion when heading to Brownwood from Early. Much quicker than taking Main to Commerce.

Go to the liquor store
Depot will be hard to access, due to the closures of Carnegie and Vine Streets. You could stay on Austin Ave, turn left, then left onto Vine and approach it from this direction. Alternatively, you can visit Eagle Liquor or Classic Beverages.

Go out to eat
With the Reunion comes added crowds, and extra burdens on eateries. While we can’t promise our suggestions will work, remember, the reunion caters to a specific demographic. Avoid places that serve BBQ, chicken fried anything, ‘casual’ chain restaurants who focus more on atmosphere than food, and Tex-Mex. Stick to sandwich shops, Asian joints, and Italian food. If the menu has vegan options, you can bet your sweet ass it won’t be crowded this weekend.

Not hear country music blaring at my house
Sometimes, atmospheric conditions allow sound to travel much further at night. Just turn on your stereo and blast whatever you’d rather listen to. You could also try and overload the electrical grid, create a blackout, and end the concert with sweet silence.. but Oncor will get pissed off at you. Guaranteed.

Stay dry
HA! This is Reunion Weekend. It always rains. Good try, though.

FYI, next year the ‘alternative reunion’ will take place during the same weekend. We’ll have more interesting things to do, better bands, and lots to laugh at. Oh, and not just potted meat. We’ve already started planning… Didn’t get funds together to have it as planned this year. Click here for our original story!

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  1. myssmeowl says:

    FYI Texas Bank also had a motor bank on 377 South that has an ATM and Voldemart has a CNB. Otherwise, you’re SOL.

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