Pants no longer allowed at TCU football games

The Brownwood Examiner took a road trip on Saturday, September 13th to Fort Worth when TCU was hosting The University of Minnesota in a football game. We learned that only older fans were exempt from the “no pants rule.” We captured some pictures of our adventure for your viewing pleasure:

The 1977 Spiegel catalog didn’t age well.
Joan Rivers would have a heart attack. She wore white after labor day.
These boys told us that jeans are against the TCU dress code, so they have to wear shorts even though it was cold enough for a hoodie.
We even ran in to these fans from Bangs
Seriously, someone donate some pants to this school
What the heck is this monstrosity? Do people stand on the top?
When your legs are more muscular than the players, I guess it’s fine to wear shorts.
I bet that cooler is full of Smirnoff too. But seriously, you can afford $40,000 a year for school, but you can’t afford a better cooler?

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