Abilene Sales Tax Allocations up 6% for September as Business Booms on South First

The city of Abilene received pleasant news this week when comptroller Susan Combs released the September Sales Tax Allocation figures. Abilene saw an increase of 6% over September 2013, receiving just over $3.63 million in sales tax revenues compared to $3.17 million a year ago. (Source: http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/allocsum/cities.html)

Women in heels are bringing business all along South First

For the fiscal year, Abilene is still down almost 1% compared to last year, but city leaders are hopeful that the increasing trend continues and will cause the year to end on a positive note. “We’ve seen business booming on South First Street in what we have begun calling ‘The Red Light Service District.’ Most of the traffic is coming after dark, but money is money and we will take it however and whenever we can get it,” shared city leader Aaron Murphy.

Murphy was referencing the recent increase in service industries along South First Street. Oddly enough, all of the new businesses have been started by women and not men, which has prompted Abilene to catapult to the top of ‘cities women want to work in.’ Murphy shared what he knew about some of the new businesses, “we’ve got one that advertises she is an oral technician while another says she has the best horizontal entertainment options in the big country. I haven’t gone to check any of them out yet, but all the men I’ve seen in that area have had smiles on their faces.”

Sales tax numbers could increase even more if these businesses are required to pay local sales taxes. “While these ladies don’t typically file and pay sales tax, we are hoping that will change soon. Regardless if they pay taxes or not, the increase in traffic has definitely created more customers for the eating establishments and drug stores in that area. The pharmacies have benefited the most. And that’s the secret to our recent boom.”

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