Local Resident Holds Protest of Brownwood Reunion….Again

Every September since 2001, Brownwood has played host to the Brownwood Reunion Celebration. And every September since 2003 has seen the same local resident hold a protest against it. Billy Quakenbush may be of small stature but he posesses both a deep baritone voice, and a very likely case of cirrhosis of the liver. “They used to let you bring your coolers in there, but not anymore.” stated Quakenbush at his south Brownwood home Thursday afternoon. His primary contention is twofold. One, he thinks that it’s not a fun time unless “everyone is free to just get as drunk as they want to” and secondly “Vendors row doesn’t sell beer.” “Now you tell me the Texas State Fair can sell beer, but the Brownwood Reunion can’t? That’s insane. Sure, if you buy too many beers the vendor remembers who you are and won’t sell to you, but then you just go a little further down and buy beer from someone else. It’s perfect!” Quakenbush recalls how he attended the first Reunion post-cooler and had to barter for alcohol tickets. “They only give you a couple of em, and then you’re cut off. I was down at the Hands on a Home contest offering to donate cans of creamed corn in exchange for drink tickets, but the police ran me off saying I was being disruptive and drunk in public. With 4 beer tickets nobody could have been drunk!” Quakenbush still attends the reunion’s daytime events with his family, even as loudly as he protests. “The kids like going down Carnegie Avenue to see all of the people they see every year. They like seeing the folks from Girling, the Air-Temp booth, and we both like giving dirty looks to the Democratic Party’s table. You know, some things never change. I’ve never seen any new or unique business there; that would be disruptive. “The food is good too, greasy carnival faire, and the classic car show is always fun. I just don’t like the concerts! Country music was not created to listen to sober. ” Quakenbush also lamented having to pay high prices for the food, even though he likes it. “When we could bring coolers, boy howdy, I’d fill mine up with Miller High Life and Libby’s Sausages and maybe a box of CheezItz. Those were the days.”

This is Rex Murphy. He kind of looks like Quakenbush. We forgot to take our camera, yet again.
This is Rex Murphy. He kind of looks like Quakenbush. We forgot to take our camera, yet again.

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