Area singer feels snubbed by the Brownwood Reunion

When news broke that Survivor frontman Jimi Jamison had unexpectedly passed away at the age of 63 , the Brownwood Reunion planners had to scramble to find a replacement act. They’ve settled on Pat Green, but local guitarist Lonnie McJohnson thinks he should have been chosen instead. Citing his past performances at the Dairy Queen, willingness to work for a case of Busch and a pack of Dorals, and his Brownwood roots, McJohnson makes a strong case for inclusion on the main stage.

“I sing songs for the people, songs they can relate to. Dart took my TV, Linda gave me VD, Methamphetamine Blues, Gomez Just Ain’t the Same, and Trash Burning Boogie .. what does Pat Green have? “Wave on Wave“? Well goddamn, we haven’t even had a lake since that song charted. I forgot what a wave looks like. My songs are Brownwood songs, Hollywood Corner songs, songs from the singlewides. 

McJohnson stated that he hasn’t actually talked to anyone in charge about being included, but has asked about it on the Vent Page to no avail. “Them folks love Pat Green, that’s about all I know. Sure, I could call the Chamber of Commerce but that’s too much work. I’m going to blame Obama and minorities instead.”

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  1. bob, marshall says:

    It is all George Bush’s fault. He is wide spread and has strong shoulders…bm

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