Weekly Local High School and College Football Picks

Brownwood by 7 over Gatesville:

One state poll (we won’t say who) has Gatesville favored to beat Brownwood by 5, but we think otherwise. Brownwood gave up 469 points last season in 11 games, a school record for the most points ever surrendered in a season by Brownwood High School. In comparison, the 1965 Brownwood defense gave up 43 points in 15 games en route to a perfect 15-0 season. “We’ve been told that scoring points puts people in the seats, so we think that our fans enjoy seeing our defense give up lots of points,” shared BISD assistant coach Shane Barber. “We are really hoping to improve on our success this season and break another record. As long as our offense can outscore them, I don’t care if we give up 100 points!”

Last year Brownwood beat Gatesville 69 to 33. We expect the score to be closer this year, as the Brownwood defense aims to give up more points. Players informed the Examiner that this season the team is taking a new approach in hopes of giving up even more points than last season. “We haven’t practiced tackling at all, coach says we don’t need to know how to tackle anymore.” shared linebacker Seth Frances. Frank Littlejohn, longtime Brownwood football fan and a member of the 1970 state championship team is frustrated with the lack of tackling in recent years, “wrapping up a player is old school, people haven’t done that since Bachtel was coach. Now the kids are taught to just run into the ball carrier, and the bigger man will remain standing.” In hopes of shattering last season’s record, BISD hopes to get a third digit installed on the visitors side of the scoreboard before Stephenville visits the Lions on October 10th.

All preparation has been focused on outscoring Gatesville this week. Coach Barber further explained, “we aren’t concerned about letting Stephenville run up the score just yet, right now we’re focused on the task at hand with Gatesville. It really doesn’t matter if we win 69 to 33 or 69 to 68. Fans want to see points, and it will get us one step closer to breaking last year’s record.”

In other area picks:

Early over San Saba

Bangs over Ballinger

Calvert over May

Moran over Brookesmith

Blanket over Chillicothe

Garden City over Zephyr

South Carolina over Texas A&M

University of Texas over North Texas

Texas Tech over Central Arkansas

Baylor over SMU

TCU over Samford

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