Unarmed Caucasian Male pulled over by police on Friday

An unarmed Caucasian male was pulled over Friday evening by a white officer on US 67. Caucasian activists are calling it a targeted hate crime, and rioting is expected all next week. Brown County Caucasian activist leader Jonathon Hayes summed up the traffic stop best, “What we have here is a clear sign of hate, this man was targeted because of his lack of color.” Witnesses say the man was driving safely and was unlawfully pulled over, “I saw him weave through cars a few times and change lanes without a signal. He was only going about 15 over the posted speed limit,” shared witness Sharon Holmes. “It really is an unfortunate situation when race causes one to be unjustly targeted.”

Activists are planning to riot beginning Monday morning at 8 AM, when most members of the Caucasian race report to work. “We’re going to go to work on Monday, I think that will show them we mean business,” shared Hayes. “We thought about beginning this weekend, but most members of our race have already worked our 40+ hours, so we’re going to take our two day weekend and then riot on Monday. We are also considering observing Labor Day this year.”

The incident has been gaining exposure on a national level, and Hayes said he plans to reach out to Jesse Jackson to come to Brownwood. “What you have in Jesse Jackson is a great promoter of equal rights. We’re hoping he will come and show his support of equal rights for the Caucasian race as he has done so many times before.” A visit from Eric Holder may even be in the works.

Rioting was apparent Saturday morning across the area as the courthouse grounds were empty, and most downtown businesses were closed as of 6 AM Saturday. Citizens have called for the name of the officer to be released, but as of press time, not only is the name being withheld, the department the officer works with is also being withheld to protect the man’s family. 

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