Snake Found at Brownwood Park

Felipe Villarosa was able to snap this picture of the snake before he and his father let it loose.

Brownwood resident Lupe Villarosa found what appeared to be a snake at a Brownwood park on Sunday afternoon, “it (the snake) was just creeping through the grass like it belonged here, but I knew it didn’t belong here,” said Villarosa.

Villarosa had taken his family for a bbq picnic at the park when one of his children saw it moving in the grass. “Julio, Maria and Gabrielle were all playing on the swings and Jose was pushing Zelma and Abraham on the merry go round. That’s when our oldest child, Felipe (who’s 11) saw the snake. Luckily we couldn’t fit our three youngest in the car so they stayed with their grandma and didn’t see the snake. They would have been very scared.”

Felipe knew exactly what to do when he saw the snake as he immediately yelled for his father to come quickly. The two built a makeshift container out of cardboard to catch the snake so that it could be identified by a professional. “That’s when we called for the police to come and see it, but they told me it was just a grass snake and to let it go, but I know those snakes aren’t supposed to be here. I let it go like he said, but I won’t be back, I’m terrified of snakes.”

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